HeartMinder puts the heart to the mind, literally. In our day and age, when mental healthcare is making significant progress in treatment and accessibility, sometimes we still wonder- can there be other ways of looking at the mind that the current system should work side-by-side with? With the rampant progress we are making, some questions arise as to what the limits are of diagnosis- are we overdiagnosing? Have we lost the ability to see everyday ups and downs as normal rather than signs of pathology? Are we adopting the medical model in assessing the most basic aspects of the human condition?

This is why HeartMinder recognizes that the HEART is no less important than the MIND and should be tapped into when our mental health is at risk. This means paying attention to who we really are under our diagnostic labels if we have any. Acknowledging the importance of our life story, our values, our choices, and our actions in painting the full picture of who we are. Striving to find meaning in our lives regardless of psychological challenges we may face.

NOTE: This site is not meant to be a substitute for professional treatment of mental illness. It is a way to discover more ways to think about your mind and hence make changes in your life, but this should supplement any treatment you may be receiving already (or perhaps, lead you to explore other forms of *professional* treatment if need be). In the case of emergency (particularly if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts) call now: 1‑800‑273‑TALK (8255).