What is wisdom? Some may define it as the ability to integrate observations and life experience into one’s worldview. Others may say it is the intuition that informs us whether we are headed in the right direction. Another definition holds that it is the ability to see everything in the right perspective. Wisdom can be seen as the “older cousin” of knowledge- it synthesizes knowledge with things like values, morals, and profound understanding. Unfortunately, wisdom is often heavily undervalued as a part of a person’s being. Here I attempt to show how wisdom is important as a part of one’s psychological makeup like are all other aspects of him/her.

  1. Insight. Wisdom allows one to truly comprehend that which he sees around him. The way you see the world around you depends on what you know and have been exposed to and how you decide to apply it. This is why wisdom is so complex; there is no one form and one answer that wisdom can bring you to. You may have had the same experience as someone else, yet you use your values to interpret it differently; hence, your wisdom is different from her wisdom but they are both equally legitimate.
  2. Ability to Analyze Life as a Whole. Using wisdom helps you to see the bigger picture of life. It provides a framework for looking at everything through a lens of choice and seeing how everything fits together. This gives you the power to decide what meaning your life has as a whole and how the different parts of it all comprise that meaning. Also, it helps you place the events of your life in context, thereby not leaving anything susceptible to confusion.
  3. Reasonable Judgment. This refers to reasoning through your realities to make decisions that are reflective of your principles. Having this lets you weigh the pros and cons of everything to come to a conclusion that serves your current self, your future self (the best that it can), and your values. It requires discernment and critical thinking. By exercising this trait, you allow yourself to not be a slave to what happens to you, and instead take control of your life as much as you can and mend it to your principles.